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Elective Rotations

The HMS Registrar’s website has the most up-to-date course listings and descriptions of the available rotations. Please visit the Registrar’s Website  for more information on electives and applications.

Current elective rotations at Boston Children’s include:

Rotations within the Department of Medicine:

PD502M.7 Adolescent Medicine
PD503M.7 Ambulatory Pediatrics
PD504M.7a Pediatric Cardiovascular Disease
PD506M.7 Children with Disabilities
PD507M.7 Pediatric Endocrinology
PD508M.7 Clinical Genetics
PD509M.7 Clinical Pediatric Hematology
PD511M.7 Pediatric Infectious Diseases
PD512M.7 Newborn Medicine
PD513M.J Pediatric Oncology
PD515M.7 Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
PD518M.7 Pulmonary Pediatrics
PD520M.7 Pediatric Intensive Care
PD523M.7 Pediatric Nephrology
PD525M.7 Developmental Pediatrics and Learning Disorders
PD526M.7 Pediatric Nutrition
PD529M.7 Pediatric Emergency Medicine
PD533M.7 Introduction to Pediatric Critical Care Medicine
PD534M.7 Child Abuse Pediatrics


Additional Rotations offered by other Departments:

AE505M.7 Anesthesia for Infants and Children
NN505M.7 Child Neurology
OP503M.7 Introduction to Pediatric Ophthalmology
OS504M.7 Children’s Orthopedics
OT502M.7 Pediatric Otolaryngology
PA508.7 Clinical Clerkship in Pediatric Pathology
PS505M.7a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
RD501M.7 Pediatric Radiology Elective
SU512M.7 Pediatric Surgery
SU518M.7 Pediatric Urology